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This photograph was created at the foot of Slade Lane just opposite the harbour. When I first stumbled upon this scene I instinctively knew there was a photograph to be made. The Ivy reminded me of a crown of thorns (that Catholic upbringing coming to the fore) and I immediately thought of the narrator of the book Seth, an entity Helena describes as suffering and tormented. Having studied the gatepost for a while I made the decision to go for a deadpan composition. There’s a bit of feeling going on here so it's not deadpan in the truest sense, but there is an air of cool detachment and a very simple centred positioning of the main element. A couple of details to note, the first is the very careful placement of the uppermost twig of Ivy. It just touches the line of the telegraph wire behind and across the top of the frame. I’ve no idea why this was so important to me at the time but it took a lot of effort to achieve. I wasn't quite tall enough to align things without standing on tiptoe; and believe me, this gets pretty uncomfortable after a while. I only use tripods when necessary but on this occasion, it would certainly have made life easier. The other thing to observe is that the post is one of 5 vertical components within the frame. The rule of odds…

Steve M

Steve Meyler