Loftus: The Hall of Dreams

Loftus: The Hall of Dreams



Loftus - The Hall of Dreams is a lavish book and collector’s item.  This large luxurious volume measuring 298mm x 258mm, hand sewn and with quarter binding, has been lovingly created with great attention to detail. It is available as a signed limited edition only, with a cloth embossed hard cover which features the Loftus coat of arms and silver-foil stamping on the spine.  Our big “black book” contains 116 black and white haunting figurative photographs measuring 255mm x 205mm with a striking layout of text/colour imagery as a gothic story that speaks of immortal love, loss, the mysteries of the Otherworld, ancient secrets and the depths of the human spirit. The fonts chosen for the cover and some of the inside pages are reminiscent of the actual handwriting of relevant Loftus family members as seen in the original family documents which date back to almost 300 years ago. It is printed on 170gsm art silk paper.

The dark secrets bound within the 304 pages that make up this book in total provide a unique insight on the untold story behind Ireland’s most haunted house within a historical and psychical research context.  Similarly to the construction of Loftus Hall, no expenses have been spared in the pursuit of creating a beautiful and treasured object that will be a pleasure to own and handle.  


Product specifications

Hardcover, hand sewn cased bound: 304 pages. Wibalin cloth spine, quarter bound style, Wibalin strip with deboss image, backlined with linen. Case Silver foil blocked on Wibalin strip
Publisher: Maison Noir Press (2018).  Printed in UK
Language: English
ISBN 9781905597727
Product Dimensions: 258mm x 298mm
Portrait/Landscape: Landscape
Pages Text:304pp (37 pages with colour, 267 pages black only), 170 gsm silk paper
Endpapers: Colorplan Grey 135gsm
Shipping Weight: 2.5 Kg.

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